The 10 Best Software Development Companies In Singapore

Technology moves fast and changes constantly. Today technology plays an integral part in our daily lives and the youth couldn’t even imagine a world without it. From messaging our friends and family, managing our finances, and watching videos online, if there is something you need to do, it can most likely be done through the internet. Companies even use software to manage large projects and teams, store secure information, and learn about their customers through advanced analytical software.

It can be hard to figure out what software development methodology a company uses. There are four main approaches, and understanding which they use should be part of your hiring process when you’re looking for new talent or even just trying not to get left behind in this fast-paced industry! Agile has been gaining popularity because it allows software developers to deliver working products more quickly with less risk than traditional methods like waterfall by allowing developers’ feedback loops stay open at all times as surplus work isn’t abandoned until completion but instead put towards future increments as needed. If something goes wrong along the way then there will always be someone available who knows how to fix it proactively.

Matching your project needs, timeline and budget to a development firm’s approach is important for finding the right partner to develop your app or website. Thanks to the island state’s position as one of the leading tech hubs in the world, It’s no surprise that Singapore is home to some of the best software development companies in all of the Asia Pacific. With so many options available, it can be hard choosing which company will give you exactly what your project needs and wants! Luckily we’ve compiled this list for anyone who wants a little assistance finding them.

1. Potado

The Potado team started building apps for fun. They built a few for local businesses and the word spread quickly. What makes them unique is their focus on UX Design. An app that looks and works well is just much easier to use. Potado does just that. They build simple and intuitive products for businesses. They have established themselves as a leading software development company in Singapore, building software for some of the coolest startups around.

Potado has worked with international brands such as Coca Cola and The Bleacher Report and built products for some of the coolest startups in Singapore. They also work with large enterprises in industries such as health, property, Ecommerce and more. Their team of developers, UX designers and product architects work together to develop bespoke software solutions for clients in all industries. The team is friendly, great with communication and develops software that scales to handle millions of users. If you are looking for a transparent team that builds well engineered software with great design and easy to use interfaces, then this is the team for you.

Customer Reviews

“Our construction company based out of Singapore did a lot of manual recording of data. We often lost the books, or couldn’t record the data for some reason. We worked with Potado to build a simple app we could use internally to track and manage our data. The app works smoothly, and saves our team a lot of time, much appreciated!”

“I am a marketing guy, I run a few websites and focus on creating content. One of them happen to be a fitness website and I wanted to build an app where users could customise their workouts and share it with friends. Potado helped me achieve this. I had a great experience and am sure you will too.”

2. Singsys

Singsys is a company that has been providing customised IT solutions for over 10 years. With 180+ employees, they are the leading development agency in Singapore and can handle all of your needs if you’re looking to create an app or update one already on iOS & Google Play Store .

Singsys team consists of well-experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge about different technologies including mobile application frameworks like iOS native apps (Swift) as well Android apps (Kotlin and Java). They are experts in web software development with Java and Python. They also have experience with Microsoft C# or VBA programming for building applications that run within a company’s intranet environment using SQL Server database technology.

Experience, hands-on skills and an ability to produce results in a timely manner have helped them work with some of the world’s most renowned companies. They’ve done so for clients such as Samsung, Cisco, KPMG, Singtel, Olympus and other Fortune 500 brands. They have an expert team that can create world-class smartphone applications, but also provide web solutions to those in need of them which will help grow their client base exponentially! Not only do they follow strict work ethics and requirements set by customers themselves; when it comes down to providing tailored services or individualized experiences no one else does better than these experts who empower more people across all platforms through adaptive workflow technologies.

Customer Reviews

“SingSys is fast, effective, highly responsive, and highly competent. They are one of the best in this game. I can recommend them to all my friends with total confidence. They are the best in this game, knowledgeable, efficient, and dedicated beyond fault. My experience with them has been uniformly superlative. Five Star fellows!!”

“Excellent Company!! Team has completed my E-Commerce website before the decided timeline with full technical support. I am very much impressed with their attentive communication. Service staff at Singsys is highly professional and supportive. I would definitely recommend Singsys to anyone who needs Web and Mobile development services.”

3. Codigo

Codigo is a software development company that offers award-winning mobile apps to enhance user experience. They have offices across Asia and are headquartered in Singapore, with teams in Myanmar and Vietnam too!

Codigo is a team of brilliant minds and innovative individuals who create digital products people love to use. They believe that seamless, user-centric experiences create products that users love to use. They have helped businesses and enterprises launch 300+ mobile apps to date, successfully navigating the complexities of app development.

Awarded as the Best of Show and Mobile Agency of Year in the Mob-Ex Awards, Codigo has built digital experiences for global brands such as 7 Eleven, Don Don Donki, and McDonalds. They have also built apps for local organizations such as ComfortDelGro, SATS, OCBC, FairPrice Online, Singapore Pools, WhiteCoat and more.

Customer Reviews

“Adrian and his team were highly professional. Kudos to a local homegrown mobile application development company here in Singapore!” “THE place to go to and the most creative team can be found here!”

4. Applify

Founded back in 2014 by Ojus Sharma and Deepak Bhagat, Applify is an app developer with more than 50 employees. The company offers mobile application development as well as UI/UX design services for all your technological needs!

They’re a one-stop shop for all of your business needs. From iOS and Android apps, web development projects or even product design; they have everything you need to grow your business. The team at Applify is a creative bunch who always has their eyes peeled for new and innovative ways to offer the best application development services.

What sets them apart from other software development companies in Singapore is the comprehensive suite of tailor-made services we offer to our clients. From clickable prototyping to devising global strategies — you demand and they deliver.

Customer Reviews

“Very professional! They have an amazing team. The team is well balanced with fresh ideas and experience. Took my idea and brought it to life with a strategy that helped me launch my startup. Would recommend it to entrepreneurs who have ideas that need to be delivered with quality.”

“Amazing team to work with.”

“I got my mobile app done from them 4 months back and trust me they are best at what they do. Team is very supportive and experienced. Kudos to the management for the job well done.”

5. Vinova

Vinova’s 10+ years in the IT industry have given them a deep understanding of how technology can benefit businesses around Singapore, Vietnam and beyond. They pride themselves on being customer-oriented while maintaining integrity when it comes to their work ethic with team building as an important cornerstone for success as well. Personal excellence from every employee is expected. The Vinova company’s values define them as a great team to work with, and their persistent implementation has been invaluable. They create an energized atmosphere that motivates employees at the firm to serve clients better by providing not only IT services but full-service solutions too!

Vinova’s apps have been used by millions of people in Singapore. Notable examples include: The Straits Times, Business Times STOMP SG Quiz Prudential and OCBC s to name just a few!

Vinova is among the most awarded software development companies in Singapore. Vinona was featured on MDA website and annual report for their game “Best In Show” at Casual Connect Asia 2013, which they also won 1st prize with!

Customer Reviews

“It was our great fortune that we picked Vinova to assist with many of our digital initiatives including various mobile and web applications. The team is very knowledgeable, their service brilliant and they always go the extra mile.”

“It’s been a fantastic experience working with Vinova. Their developers were able to fully appreciate complex needs of our mobile solutions app for pain conditions. They were able to help us identify ways to make the user interface intuitive and make the app work smoothly. The end result exceeded the expectations of our team and customers. They are also very responsive to changes and support requests we made. Best of all, their pricing was far more reasonable compared to developers of similar quality.”

“Vinova is an experienced and responsible organization that always delivers on time. They offer professional service and have an excellent sales support team. Do consider them if you want serious work done, on time, and professionally”

6. Sleek Digital

SleekDigital is one of Singapore’s top app developers providing bespoke services to help businesses stand out. Sleek Digital was founded in 2017 by Lester Law and through great design and a strong technical team has been delivering innovative enterprise or mobile applications for both the public market and private use.

By delving into the world of app development, they have developed a range that will suit any enterprise’s individual needs. With top of the line mobile developers and consultants on staff at this company you can rest assured knowing there’ll be an expertly designed solution for your problem!

They are a leader in software development in Singapore. They understand not only native iOS and Android apps, but hybrid apps as well! The best part is their focus on ROI business metrics which sets them apart from other companies that just cater to technology needs without considering more tangible results like revenue or conversion rates.

Customer Reviews

"One thing I must say about Sleekdigital is that they really know what they are doing. I didn’t know what to expect from a mobile app when I first consulted them, but they understood my problems and made it easy for me. Unlike other mobile app developers, they actually came up with a whole mobile app plan on where my project was going and what to expect. Had quite a good experience working with them.“

“Efficient, example of under promise and over deliver. Thanks for your good service!”

“Great communication, swift delivery and attention to details is on point. Recommend to anyone looking for a reliable app developer with competitive pricing. Thank you!”

7. Hipster

Hipster is a software development company that always advocates for technological advancement in all kinds of industries like Retail, F&B and Shipping while also providing solutions to the ever-changing needs within these fields through leveraging new technologies. The team at Hipster makes it their priority on finding ways how they can decrease costs associated with maintaining outdated systems as well as increasing productivity during business processes.

They have developed these end to end solutions on Tech interfaces like web software, mobile apps and kiosks. They also work with plugins that can be integrated into your website or blog posts for an easy way of managing content from one platform!

A group of serial entrepreneurs who started their own products years before helping other founders. They know startups and have been in the shoes of a Technoprenuer, which is why they are so successful at it!

Customer Reviews

“Hipster is definitely a great web/mobile app development offering a bouquet of cutting-edge services. Admit that I am not an easy customer, but they always serve with their professionalism, and patience, and most importantly align with the business need. Strongly recommend.”

“I’ve known the team for many years now, and have used their IT consulting service to help build mobile apps, websites and software developments. Impressive work yet cost-effective prices. Little surprise that they have made great traction and expanded in a relatively short time.”

“Awesome developers, responsive and will get the job done. Great people to work with, and look forward to working more with them as we grow our business.”

8. Corsiva Lab

Founded by two entrepreneurs, this Singapore-based Digital Agency, Corsiva Lab, specializes in Website Design and Development for businesses. They make sure that their clients have strong digital solutions while also generating higher sales revenue to help business grow!

They’re a company that delivers designs and market insights. They work closely with clients to ensure their works stay innovative, by leveraging on the latest web trends as well as industry analysis. Their quality of service has impressed many including companies like Camel Nuts, Capitaland, NUS, SIM, Far East Organization, Republic Polytechnic, Orchard Central, Loreal, Public Transport Council and many more.

They are a team made up entirely out of seasoned professionals specializing in graphic design & website development and can help you achieve your business goals no matter how big they may be!

Customer Reviews

“Worked with Corsiva Lab to revamp our company’s website recently. The team was prompt and professional in attending to our needs, and they have a good process to help follow through with the entire project. Highly recommend their services!”

“The team at Corsiva Lab has been brilliant right from the start. Project delivery was on time and responses were prompt despite the really tight timeline. Working with them has been such a pleasure and definitely a right choice! Special thanks to Kerlen and Chemane for keeping everything tight despite all the rush!”

“Very professional services, most importantly they are very responsive and provide good quality work. Young and energetic team but with good experiences.”

9. Buuuk

When Apple announced their new product, the iPhone; Mohan, Hon Cheng and Jon were immediately inspired to create an app for Singaporeans. They created a local app that would be a Directory for all food joints with opening times.

The app was noticed by the right people and clients came knocking. The team’s high quality work attracted more attention over time, which inevitably led to success in Singapore. After a decade of building digital solutions for some of Asia’s biggest companies, Buuuk is now recognized as one of Southeast Asia’s top design-lead innovation consultancies who also has offices in Vietnam. Some of the brands they have worked with include Daimler, Scoot, Audi, Singtel, Starhub, Tupperware, DB Schenker, National Environment Agency, CapitaLand, Decathlon and NTUC.

They offer services such as iOS app development, Android app development and mobile consultancy. They also do e-commerce solutions for businesses who are looking to sell their products online!

Customer Reviews

“Buuuk has consistently delivered high-quality products for us in previous years. The team is flexible and understanding and also produces work which is more than satisfactory.”

“They have a flexible approach to the work and their style complements ours very well.”

“Buuuk’s team consistently delivered on their promises.”

10. Ambient

In 2014, NUS School of Computing Alumnus Jayden Ooi and Ivan Chong won the prestigious Startup@Singapore competition with a startup that they founded in 2012. Unfortunately for them though their start up failed. Jayden and Ivan were able to successfully pivot their failed startup into Ambient in 2014, a competent web development company that has been serving both local as well as overseas clients for seven years now.

Today, Ambient is a custom software development studio that specializes in producing high performing, simple to use applications with helpful and remarkable user interfaces. Since 2013 they have worked for many amazing organizations delivering meaningful results across various sectors of business. Some of their clients include Centurion, Singapore Productivity Center, Omron, Great Eastern and more. The typical software or mobile application project can last anywhere from 4 months to as long as 12 months. Due to the nature of custom projects, these often encompass a whole lot of technical features and are lengthy in terms of both scope and length. Services

Customer Reviews

“I got to know of Ambient through a friend. We were looking to do a major revamp of our company’s website and Summer who is the Customer Success Manager there was really great at helping us with the project from end-to-end. Since our website revamp, we’ve been able to understand our audiences and site visitors better in terms of their behavior, and this has helped our business and marketing plans tremendously.”

Gino Gottini
Gino Gottini
CEO at Potado