What Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App In Malaysia?

We live in a world where everyone is on their phone, tablet or computer for everything. It's important that these devices have great user experiences so people can be as productive and convenient with them as possible! If you've been living in a city like Kuala Lumpur you've seen just how glued people are to their phones whether they are at a restaurant, cafe, or even on the KL monorail. Almost everything is done digitally and things will continue to move more digital as companies and governments start to realize the benefits and ease thereof. Because of this shift towards digital there is a huge opening of opportunities to anyone willing to put in the work and create something beneficial to others and society.

Creating an app can range in price depending on where you live, what kind of experience and reputation your developer has had with other clients before, as well as location. Though India ranks at the bottom end for pricing per hour compared to US based developers who charge around 150 dollars or more; Malaysia is much cheaper but their standards are also rather high so developing your app in Malaysia is a great move. Here are some factors that affect the price of app development:

  1. Strategy and Consulting
  2. Wireframing and Prototyping
  3. User Interface and User Experience Design
  4. Type of app (Native, Cross-Platform, Hybrid, Web)
  5. Platforms (Android, iOS, Web)
  6. Database requirements
  7. Speed and Quality
  8. Features, Complexity, and Customization

Informational App

Informational apps provide a constantly updated stream of information about businesses and topics that you're interested in. You can read through the text, which is either predefined or customizable so it changes periodically with new updates available for purchase within certain intervals - this will depend on what type your preference falls under! The cost to develop one of these apps will be around RM30 000 - RM120 000.

To go into more detail an informational app could be something like a fitness app with guides on how to do certain exercises, a recipe book that lists certain recipes, or a conference app with useful information such as lineups and a map of the venue. Having the information and ready makes the app quite simple, but if you need the data to be updated it adds some additional complexity to the project because you need to build the database and interface to make those changes and that will add to the development cost.

Social Apps

Social apps are the best way to get in touch with people around you. Some examples of social media include Facebook, Instagram and TikTok among many others! Simply choose what type of communication that suits your needs from text messages all the way up to video chatting via Zoom or Facebook Messenger while less active users may want something more casual like Twitter where they will be able chat about anything without feeling too pressured into one specific topic at any given time. The cost of a social app is around RM120 000 - RM300 000.

Social apps could be community based like Tik Tok and Instagram where users can create a profile and then upload some sort of content. It could be text, voice, image or video. Others users are then able to view and interact with the content. It is usually in the form of likes and comments. And social apps could also be communication based such as Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger. These apps allow users to sign up and create a profile and then communicate to other people who have an account on the platform. These apps rely on instant messaging so setting up a realtime database ans push notifications are essential. Because of the complexity behind that, the cost of developing a full fledged instant messaging app in Malaysia can be quite high. Another example of a social app, could be a dating app like Tinder. Tinder allows users to create profiles and then match with other users. After matching they are able to chat with one another.

Marketplaces Apps

Marketplace apps are the go-to for connecting people who have needs or wants in common. For instance, if you're looking to buy something from someone but they need some extra time before making their decision then this could be an app where both parties involved would meet up at one point of contact! Think Grab, Shopee, Klook, and even Agoda. The cost of a marketplace app is around RM60 000 to RM300 000.

If you want to order something online in Malaysia, the go to platform is Shopee. Shopee allows sellers to create a store and list products. People can then browse these products and purchase and rate them. Similarly Klook allows businesses to list tour packages and people can then browse and purchase them. In both of those cases you have a platform that lists a bunch of products and allows people to create a profile, add these items to their cart and then purchase them. Essentially acting as the middleman between buyers and sellers. The price of these platforms vary in terms of the kind of features and the complexity of them. When quoting a marketplace app, questions such as does it have a map, how are payments made and do products require reviews will come up.

E-Commerce Apps

E-commerce apps are a great way to sell products directly with your own platform. For example, customers can buy groceries from the grocery store and not compete on price or availability like they would through other platforms such as Amazon or Shopee which gives retailers less control over that aspect of their business model. The cost of an e-commerce app is around RM50 000 - RM150 000.

This might sound a lot like the marketplace apps described above, but that is not the case. e-commerce apps do list 3rd party products. The platform belongs to the company selling the products. If you visit Jaya Grocer's website you will see that they list their own products. Other examples could be Addidas or Nike. You can go over to their website and buy products directly from them. This could include anything from clothes, furniture, or even hardware and tools from a local business or international brand. The cost of developing an ec-commerce application is generally lower than a marketplace because developers only need to cater to one seller instead of multiple.

Productivity Apps

Productivity apps provide a way to keep track of your tasks and information. Some examples include timer, date book or calendar applications that don't allow interaction with others but only manage one user's data in their phone for later reference when needed. The cost of a productivity app is around RM30 000 to RM90 000.

Many companies in Malaysia rely on project management applications for employees and that's a great example of a productivity app. These apps let managers assign team members to tasks, handle time management, and ensure that everything is well managed and completed in a timely manner.

Business Management Apps

The business management apps that are available today allow companies to keep track of their tasks, processes and employees with the goal being an improved level or productivity. Some common use cases for these types include document storage, logistics tracking (i.e., orders), customer relationship management - including sales leads generation through email campaigns or even human resource functions such as managing vacation time off. The cost of business management apps can range from RM60 000 to RM300 000 depending on the functionality.

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit a lot of Malaysian companies have been forced to adapt to a more digital work environment to allow flexibility for working at home. Developing these apps often come at a high price because of the large number of features involved. Another important aspect of these apps is security. Because of the value of the information, developing strong security features into these applications are essential.

Working with a cost effective app development company In Malaysia

The cost of your app development may vary depending on the specific case. When you develop an app, it's always broken into versions and there can be many features at first with simplicity as one goal in mind, because after all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! So if you are ready to develop your app and are looking for a team in Malaysia that provides world-class quality, feel free to reach out to us any time.

Gino Gottini
Gino Gottini
CEO at Potado