Leading Web Development Company In Singapore

Web Development Company In Singapore

Potado is a top web development company in Singapore that builds world-class interfaces for web platforms. We are experts in user experience design ensuring that our websites are modern and easy to use. Our global team works with clients to develop digital solutions for any niche needed. Our team are not just skilled in software development, but we are conditioned to understand the full nature of your business. So we understand that building a website is just one step, and that marketing that website is essential as well. Because of that we build SEO functionality right in for your marketing team, and we can also make use of additional hacks such as data scraping to populate your web app with useful data.

Terms like HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Vue and Angular are some of the buzzwords you would see if you took a sneak peak into the Potado teams chats. We keep up with the forever changing and growing web to ensure we always use the latest frameworks and best practices. This way we ensure that we develop web applications that are easy to maintain and manage for a long time.

Web Development Technologies

In order to develop a web app, we need to have a front-end and a backend. So what does that mean exactly? A front-end is basically what happens in the web browser as a user, while the backend is what happens on the servers hosted in the cloud. The front-end covers the design and the backend hosts the data and gives us tools that allow the front-end to access use that data.

Front-end Web Development

Front-end development typically consists of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML is a language we use to layout the web documents, CSS is used to style those documents by adding positioning and colors, and Javascript is used to give the layout functionality, turning a static document into a dynamic website with users, data and utilities.

On top of that we have several frameworks that allow us to more easily build websites with Javascript. Some of the most popular ones include VueJS, ReactJS, and Angular. At Potado we have used React and Vue to develop web applications for clients, with React being our framework of choice. These frameworks allow us to break our apps into reusable components. That basically means we can create let's say a button once and then reuse it several times in the app. This helps keep the web apps' codebase readable, which is especially useful in larger projects. Imagine you have a button on 12 different views and you want to make the corners rounded. Usually you would have to go to each button separately and do it, but now you would just update the 1 button component and it will automatically update the button in all views.

For the user interface, we also have some great frameworks that allow us to create amazing interfaces. Tailwind is great option that allows us to easily style components. There are also libraries such as MUI, Chakra UI, and Vuetify that have some components created for us to use within the web app.

The above mentioned frameworks are great for creating what we call "single page applications". These are great user experience wise, but not optimal for pages you need to be indexed on Google. Some examples of pages that could benefit from this are blog pages or e-commerce product pages. Lucky there is NextJS, and NuxtJS that allow us to do that in React and Vue respectably.

Backend Web Development

The backend is where all the data is stored. We typically host our projects on Google Cloud, but Amazon's S3 is also a solid solution. A database solution would either be SQL or NoSQL. SQL means that the data is stored in tables and rows (like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel), while NoSQL means that the data is stored in collections with key-value pairs. Alongside the data we also need some functionality that allows us to read and write those files. At Potado, we typically use NodeJS or Python for this.

A product we love using is called Firebase. It is owned by Google and it is a NoSQL database with build in functions that allow us to speed up the development process and scale very effectively as the web application grows.

Web Development Process

In order to develop web apps, we believe in following a process that ensures that time is optimized, deadlines are met and quality is top notch. This a quick overview of that developing a website with us looks like:

Product Specifications And Planning

The first stage of the projects involves a lot of discussion where we draw up sketches of the ideas to illustrate functionality. We can decide on what views are required and the kind of functionality we will use on those views.

UI/UX Design

Deigning a beautiful interface is one of the most important steps in any web project. With a well designed product you will always be a step ahead of the competition. We use Figma or Adobe XD to create the designs.

Web Development

With the designs, out experienced web developers turn to their keyboards to create fast and scalable applications. They website will be able to handle millions of users and it will be searchable on any search engine.

Hosting And Maintenance

We will then deploy the web application the the cloud and set up the custom domain to make it accessible to anyone. Our team will be ready to handle continuous maintenance as needed by you.

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