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Mobile App Development Company In Brisbane

Potado is a mobile app development company that develops polished apps for iPhone, Android and web platforms for Brisbane companies and brands. We are a well rounded team that does much more than just develop. We know business strategy and we know design. Our global app developers combine all those elements with sound engineering to deliver world class products to our clients.

As experts in the Brisbane app development market we know what defines a successful app. We have seen it all. After partnering with all teams from early stage startups to large companies, and tagging along for the journey, we have seen the things that work and the things that don't and we share all those insights with our clients.

Technology is one of the most exciting things in modern day society, but also one of the toughest to stay up to date with. Technology progresses as speeds most of us simply cannot keep up with, so our team takes the time to follow the emerging trends and educate ourselves to be knowledgeable and productive with those technologies. Whether that is keeping up with development tools and methodologies or new breakthrough areas such as AI, IoT and Blockchain.

Why Develop An App In Brisbane

While Sydney and Melbourne have been at war competing with each other to be the best startup city in Australia, Brisbane has been quietly emerging as a fast growing Aussie tech hub. The river city now homes several high growth tech startups such as ClipChamp, Travello and Go1. Brisbane is tops in our book, so we decided to ask a few of our clients why they chose to base develop their app in Brisbane and this is what they had to say:

"There is a saying in Australia that Sydney is known for being international, Melbourne is European, but Brisbane is real Australia. Here we have 280 days of sunshine a day and a whole lot of outdoor activities! Work life balance is important, so when you are not working on developing your app you need to take some time to do things that you enjoy! They have Kangaroo Point here, as well as excellent view points from the Captain Cook Bridge, the City Botanical Gardens and the downtown buildings across the river. All great for spending some time with your team and letting the creative ideas flow."

"We put together funds from savings and small family investments and needed to keep costs low. Compared to Melbourne and Sydney the cost of living in Brisbane is so much cheaper. From food to transport we were able to save so much while we developer out app. Once we started to grow we quickly saw the benefit when we needed office space. Very affordable in Brisbane. So if you want to target the Aussie market and want to be based somewhere with a great lifestyle at an affordable cost, look no further."

"The schooling is great in Brisbane. If you're running a startup and also have kids to take care of you want them to be able to go to good schools, and there is no shortage in Brisbane. Brisbane also hosts the University of Queensland, the third largest university in Australia with a great technology and arts faculty. Which means finding talented app developers and marketers will be a breeze in Brisbane. Oh, it's also one of the safest cities in the world, that's always nice to hear."

Mobile App Development In Brisbane

When building your app you need to decide which platform is best suited for your business. Android, iOS, web, or all of them. The factors that you need to consider is the cost, timeframe and most importantly where your users are. To build apps for all platforms we have to build separate apps. Separate apps mean more time and more time means more money. That's something you surely don't want to hear. Our team usually advised against building separate apps unless it's absolutely necessary. For example if your apps focus is on device hardware functionality, then it makes sense, but for most apps, be it social, dating, ecommerce we have a solution called cross-platform or hybrid app development. We now have tools that let us build an app once and have it work across all platforms. Namely Flutter, React Native, ionic, Capacitor, Cordova and Progressive Web Apps.

iPhone App Development In Brisbane

The most popular device in Australia is the iPhone and that's why our Brisbane iPhone app developers build well crafted iOS apps. Because iPhone is more popular, when choosing which platform to target, iOS usually gets preference. iPhones and Apple products also have a high end image, so it's a smart marketing move to go with iPhone development first. However, iOS dominates 53% of the Australian smartphone OS market with Android coming in second at 46%, which is not far behind at all. So developing for both platforms is what you want to do if you want to reach more people.

To develop an iPhone app we use a tool called XCode and the Swift or Objective C Language. For newer apps we almost always use Swift unless you need us to use Objective C or we need to work on an existing project that has been built with Objective C. Visual Studio is used if we use React Native or Flutter to build Cross platform iPhone apps.

Android App Development In Brisbane

Android was once a small share of the Aussie OS market share. It was seen as the more affordable option or the more customizable option for more technical users. Over time Android has caught up to iOS, now dominating 46% of the market. This is because of the wide range of devices available from many device manufacturers. Android app developers in Brisbane are in high demand thanks to this trend as apps need to be developed for both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store and the Huawei App Gallery. Android is no longer a lower and OS, it is now a matter of preference and the top Android devices are starting to make Apple a bit nervous. Building for Android is a must, if you want to target the Aussie market.

Our Android developers use Android Studio do build the apps with the Java or Kotlin language if building natively. We use Visual Studio if we develop cross-platform Android apps using Flutter or React Native.

App Development Process In Brisbane

Having a defined process is essential for a mobile app development project. It helps you have a clear understanding of the time and progress so you can plan your launch and marketing strategy accordingly. It's also just a lot nicer to have transparency when working with a developer. We understand that so make sure we involve our clients as much as they want to be. Here a quick rundown of our process from start to finish.

Planning and Strategy

The first step is to discuss the project, the technologies we will use, the database structures and even the monetization and marketing strategy.


We will not draw up some sketches to plan the app structure, features and screens. You will then work with us to make sure we include all the intended functionality with a great user experience.

UI/UX Design

Next it's up to our designers to put together the user interface designs. This is how the app will actually look and they are drawn up using Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD.

Mobile App Development

Now out team of app developers will get to work putting it all together. They will work with the wireframes, designs and plan to develop a well polished up. During the development process, you will be as involved as you want, and will be able to test the app at any stage.

Testing and Launch

The final step is to work with you to test all the functionality, clean out any bugs and do any final touches. We will also work with you to prepare the app store listings and upload the apps. There is a short review process, and then we are live!

Work With The Best Brisbane App Developers

If you are looking for a team to work with to develop your app, you've come to the right place. Potado strives to be the best app developers in the industry, offering out services at affordable prices. We won't just develop your app, we will be come your development partner, working with you for as long as you need and helping you scale your business. This is just what a few of our Brisbane clients had to say:

"We are a island wide Aussie company and wanted a team that know the market well, working with Potado was great because they have great insight about what users are looking for. They know design and believe in simplistic but elegant user interfaces. This worked for us and we will continue to work with them."

"Our company was looking for a team to develop an MVP. We wanted to launch in Brisbane and scale into larger Australia. Potado has a really sound app development team and our app was just a simple MVP, but felt like a fully functional app. Smooth, well designed and an excellent user experience."

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