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Mobile App Development Company In Adelaide

Potado is a leading an app development company that builds app for iPhone, Android, web, and smart devices such as wearables and IoT. We work with the biggest companies in Adelaide as well as the coolest Aussie startups! Our global team is made of of UX specialists, marketing cowboys, graphic designers, product builders, as well as app developers and engineers.

We don't simply build apps, we build partnerships by working with our clients to develop awesome tech that goes on to support millions of users or large enterprises. Because of that we only work with clients we believe in, so if you want an agency that just codes without providing any input, you are in the wrong place. When we work with our clients we allow them to be as involves as they want and we offer suggestions based on our experience in the field. We've seen what works, so we will help you do what's best for your business.

Why Develop An App In Adelaide

The capital of South Australia, Adelaide, has become one the the best places to build a company in Australia. The growth of incubators, coworking spaces, and innovation programs have lured entrepreneurs from all around Australia and the world to build here. Along with the great business environment Adelaide is also one the the best cities in the world to live if for quality of life. We decided to ask a few founders on why they chose to develop their app in Adelaide, and this is what they had to say:

"We build smart city products and I personally am very interested in sustainability and green cities. I loved the Botanic gardens in Adelaide. I loved how such a green and lush area could be so close to a big city. This is the future, and so is Adelaide, that's why we building our startup here."

"If I need to be completely honest, I love music and music festivals. Adelaide is know as festival city and 56% of all Australian festivals are held here. It's no wonder Australia first multi-purpose arts centre came here. Also the arts centre in Adelaide is older than the Sydney Opera House. I run an events and nightlife app so it's important for me to be involved to keep up with the trends."

"We actually moved our team here from Sydney. I just love the ease of commuting. Everything is within a 30 minutes drive and the traffic is non existent. Public transport is also great and not overcrowded and bicycles are free to use. That, plus a lower cost of living, is why we chose to develop our app in Adelaide."

"When I'm not planning business growth for my company I'm a huge foodie. The Adelaide Central Market is one of the largest undercover markets in Southern Australia. Coffee, breads, cheese, they have it all, and it's fantastic. Much like Melbourne, Adelaide has great bars, hidden and rooftop bars, great for some work life balance."

Mobile App Development In Adelaide

One of the first things you need to decide when building a mobile app is which platforms you will target. Nowadays we have a few platforms namely Android, iPhone, and web and each of these require a different app to be developed. So for you will need an android app developer, iPhone app developer and web developer to build out your product. This is a major difficulty, especially for smaller companies who have limited budgets or even just need to keep costs down. Not only is the initial app development cost high because 3 apps need to be built, but every upgrade, change or issue also needs to be done to 3 projects. Luckily in most cases you don't need to develop 3 apps if you want to target all the mobile platforms. Thanks to some really smart engineers we now have tools that let us develop 1 app that works on multiple platforms. Facebook manages and maintains React and React Native, Google manages Flutter, and the Ionic team also does a great job making our lives a lot easier. These tools allow us to develop cross platform apps and just about every app on your mobile phone today has been built with these tools.

iPhone App Development In Adelaide

Since Steve Jobs released the iPhone, iOS has always held a premium status compared to Android devices and because of the higher cost, the devices were more popular in developed countries like Australia, Japan, and the United States. It used to be that 70% plus Australians were iPhone owners so when someone wanted to develop an app in Adelaide, they would first develop for iPhone, and sometimes they would only focus on iOS users. Nowadays Android owns a larger share of the OS market share in Australia at 46% with iOS at 53%, so if you want your product to reach all your users you will need an app that works on both platforms.

When you hire our iPhone app developers we will use XCode with Swift or Objective C to develop native iOS applications. These apps are best suited for very hardware dependant apps such as camera apps. For most use cases we will develop iPhone apps with React Native, Flutter, or other cross platform technologies.

Android App Development In Adelaide

Android has always been the underdog mobile OS in Australia, or the poor mans OS, but times have changed. Android now has some of the sleekest devices with advanced functionality. So now it's not a matter of which is best, it's a matter of preference. Android offers more customization and is nicely synced with Google, which is no surprise as Android is actually owned by Google, where iOS is more about minimalism, simplicity and privacy. So hiring Android app developers for your Adelaide startup is a smart step if you want to reach all your potential users.

Our android development team uses Android Studio with Kotlin or Java to develop native apps and Flutter, React Native or other web technologies for cross platform apps.

App Development Process In Adelaide

To develop world class apps, you need a world class process. Good planning and even better communication sets a solid foundation in any project. We know the technical details, we know design, we know how people use apps, and most importantly we know how to talk about these things in a clear and non technical way that you can easily understand even technology isn't your thing. We break up every project into a set of proven steps from planning to launch:


Once we begin the project we will start the discovery and planning stage. This is when our team will work with you to come up with a structure for your project. Which technologies will we use, how many views, which features we will have and what is the monetization and marketing strategy All those aspects are important having a solid blueprint is essential.


A wireframe is a rough sketch that illustrates the user experience and screens of the app. Color and design elements are not used yet and the focus of this is to plan features and functionality. During this step we will work closely with you to ensure we see eye to eye with your vision. Our app development team will also plan the data structure during this stage.

UX/UI Design

Using the wireframes, our design team will start to add some color. We use tools such as Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch to draw us beautiful app designers. We believe in simple and intuitive interfaces and always keep up to date with the latest and greatest design trends.

App Development

Now it's time for the magic. Our app development team will now start brining the app to life. By using the wireframes, designs, and plans we will use languages such as Swift, Kotlin, Javascript, or Dart to program your app. This is the longest part of the project, but you can be as involved as you want and test the app throughout the development process.


Testing is essential. Without it users can encounter errors that lead to bad user experiences. Too many of these and they will not be using your app. So it's important to fully test all functionality thoroughly to unsure quality before releasing the app into production.


Once we are ready to launch the app, we will work with you to prepare the app store listing for the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery. We will then upload the app and await for the review to be completed. Once that's done, we are live!

Work With The Best Adelaide App Developers

If you are looking for an a team of app developers to partner with, we would love to hear more about your project. We don't just work with anyone in Adelaide. We hand pick all our clients and only take on projects we believe in. Here is what some of our clients had to say about us:

"I am a marketing guy, I run a few websites and focus on creating content. One of them happen to be a fitness website and I wanted to build an app where users could customise their workouts and share it with friends. Potado helped me achieve this. I had a great experience and am sure you will too."

"Our construction company based out of Adelaide did a lot of manual recording of data. We often lost the books, or couldn't record the data for some reason. We worked with Potado to build a simple app we could use internally to track and manage our data. The app works smoothly, and saves our team a lot of time, much appreciated!"

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