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Mobile App Developers In Sydney

Potado leads a team of award-winning Sydney app developers and designers. Our global team works with Aussie startups and enterprises to develop apps that scale. We believe in working closely with our clients in a transparent and open environment. Our experienced team will offer any suggestions on design and technology solutions during the app development process, but the final decision will always be with you.

A typical Potado team consists of a product manager, UI/UX designers, and ofcourse, the app developers who make your ideas come to life. The product manager is the team leader who makes works with the designers and developers and you, the client to make sure everything is coming together nicely and that our Sydney app developers are working to meet our milestones on time.

Why Develop A Mobile App In Sydney?

Also known as Harbour City, Sydney is a great base for startups targeting the Australian market. Some app startups that started in Sydney are: Canva, Atlassian, Car Next Door,and Domain Group. We asked some startup founders why they chose to base themselves and develop their app in Sydney and this is what they had to say:

"Sydney is 100% the most beautiful city on the planet. The beaches, the weather, the people are great. If you don't chose Sydney as your base, you've lost. When I'm not working on my startup, you can find me taking a walk on the beach or eating some fish and chips!"

"Sydney is a place where you can setup on office, meet great people and grow your company, but also have access to great beaches, nightlife and really enjoy yourself. Work life balance takes the cake here."

"I run a foodtech startup in Sydney and if you haven't guessed it, I'm a huge foodie. Sydney has the most amazing markets. The food is fresh and the environment is very lively. Grab a coffee, walk and eat, eat, eat."

Mobile App Development in Sydney

Developing apps for multiple platforms used to require companies to make a huge investment in development because of the costs involved. This made it difficult for many Sydney startups or smaller companies to launch. However, thanks to the continuous advancements in technology, we have have options. We might not need to develop separate apps for each platform because we have tools that allow us to develop for both the 1 codebase (multiple platforms, 1 project) and the performance is just as good. There are cases where developing natively for each platform might be better, but for 90% of cases, it's not necessary. Here are the options we have in Sydney:

  1. Native App Development (iOS and Android)
  2. Cross-Platform App Development (Flutter, React Native)
  3. Hybrid App Development (Native + Web)
  4. Progressive Web Apps (Web apps that work just like a native app would)

iPhone App Development In Sydney

Native app development is developing a mobile app specifically for the device. iPhone apps are developed in Xcode using Swift or Objective C, This is mostly useful for system apps such as the Camera or apps that rely heavily on accessing hardware features. Our team of Sydney iPhone app developers will work with you to develop your app in the best way possible. We will offer advice about which technologies are best for your project as well as your budget.

Android App Development In Sydney

Native Android applications are developed in Android Studio with Java or Kotlin. These applications are best suited for apps that rely heavily on hardware features such as the phone camera. Our Android app developers often suggest using React Native or Flutter over native Android development, unless it is absolutely necessary as the performance is great and the project is more cost effective and and easier to scale.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development allows us to develop for multiple platforms using a single codebase. This is perfect for most business as the perforce is as good as native but the time to develop and cost is significantly less. You are still able to access device hardware features where needed. Flutter and React Native are the most commonly used tools for this.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development is exactly as the name illustrates. It combines both web and native into one. The main functionality of the app is built using web technologies and any hardware is connected as needed. This is a very popular option in Sydney as the performance is great thanks to the advancements in web technologies and the cost is very affordable. Tools such as React, Vue, Ionic, Capacitor and Electron are used here. The easiest way to picture a hybrid app is my putting a photo into a photo frame, where the photo is the web app and the frame is a native container for Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are simply websites that function as apps both on mobile and desktop and are accessed with links instead of the app stores. This is a great option as well as it removes friction by not requiring downloads, and can still be added to the home screen just like a native app. It can even be uploaded to the Google Play Store, Windows Store and more thanks to the great support by Google and Microsoft.

What is The App Development Process In Sydney

Having a well structured process is the foundation of a successful project so we have taken the time to test and refine our process. This ensures that the project is finished in a shorter timeframe while maintaining quality and also transparency between us and our Sydney clients. We know the importance of good communication and we make sure our clients are as involved in the project as they want to be. For non technical clients we explain technical things in a high level way that is easy to understand. So let's dive into the app development process.

  1. Define
  2. Plan
  3. Design
  4. Develop
  5. Test
  6. Launch
  7. Maintain


Defining the scope of a project is the most important part of laying a strong foundation. This is where we discuss exactly what we want the app to do, how we will achieve it, and offer our clients suggestions regarding user experience, technologies we will use and also monetisation strategies. We will then document it all in a specification sheet so both parties can sign on on the project to make sure we are on the same page about everything.


Now we will work with the specifications to draw up wireframes (rough sketches) and plan the app/database structure. We work closely with our clients, offering suggestions and accepting feedback until we have a well defined plan.


Having a modern, clean and simple user interface is important if you want people to come back and use your app again. So here will will draw up designs and iterate until we have something that our clients are happy with representing their brand.


This is where the fun starts. Our developers will now take all of the blueprints and put them together to have a functional app. We allow our clients to follow and use the app with us during the development process.


Once we have completed the development we will use the app with our clients and make sure we test all functionality and that there are no bugs. We want your users to have a great first experience with your app and having a well polished product shows them that you are serious about your brand.


We will then help you prepare the website and respective app store listings, and send the app off for review. This includes creating the graphics required on the listing pages. We can also assist with any domain or email configurations you might need help with before launch.


Once your app is live and you are busy growing your business, marketing and establishing partnerships we work with you to maintain the apps and fix any issues that may arise in the future. Once you grow your user base, improving and building out additional features will definitely be on your list, and we are here to help.

App Development Company In Sydney

If you are looking for a mobile app development company to bring your ideas to life, we are ready to work with you as a technical partner to develop an app that looks well, works well, and grows with your business. This is what some of our clients have to say:

"We are an EU based company that wanted to expand into the Aussie market with a base in Sydney. We wanted to redesign our apps for the launch and reached out to Potado. When I first spoke to Gino, I could feel the honesty when we discussed out current app. He really took the time to tell us how we can improve the user experience and design to make the app more friendly to users. He is an expert at that. The whole process was excellent and I'd recommend anyone to work with them."

"Professional team! Very supportive. I am not technical at all, given my age. They were very understanding and easily explained things at a very high level for me to understand. I would work with them again!"

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