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Mobile App Development Company In Perth

Potado is a top mobile app development company developing world class apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Web and emerging platforms. Our global team of app developers, designers, product engineers and UX specialists work with the best emerging startups and established companies in Perth. We believe in being more than just your app developer. We want to be your development partner, working with your to build and scale your mobile app.

The technology industry is ever expanding so we make it out duty to study the trends and latest technologies. Blockchain, IoT, AI, Machine Learning are some examples of words you would overheard in a typical conversation at Potado. More than just technology, we know users. We know what looks good and what feels good. Our user experience designers study the top companies and implement the best tactics into our apps. As Steve Jobs famously said, design is not how it looks, it is how it works. Our app developers love innovation in engineering and are always on top of the latest tools. Flutter, React Native, and more, we can do it. So if you are ready to build an app that gets featured on the app store, feel free to get in touch.

Why Develop An App In Perth

Perth is an unusual city in an unusual place. Thanks to a mining boom Perth has positioned itself as the most remote city on the planet. Located in western Australia, with a small domestic market, Perth might not seem like a top startup location, but don't be fooled. There is a high level of creative and technical skills located here, which is very evident in the art and music scene. It must be something with the remoteness that encourages hard work and makes Perth a top app development location. With the world moving towards a remote work environment, Perth already has all the infrastructure set up and ready to go. Some of the big names that have come from here are Komo Digital, Udrew, SpaceToCo, and Cellr. Having spoken to a few startup founders, invertors and app developers, we decided to ask them why they chose to locate themselves in Perth and this is what they had to say:

"Our users are nationwide, so we had to chose a city we liked working in to base ourselves out of. We ended up choosing the most remote city in Australia, Perth. In Australia, Queensland is known as the sunshine state, but Perth has more hours of sunshine than any other city. I'm a big believer in the impact of sunshine on mood and productivity and that's why we chose to develop our app in Perth. It's also a more enjoyable heat with a Mediterranean climate, compare to the tropical heat in Brisbane and Queensland."

"Our startup recently expanded to Australia from South East Asia. I'm not a fan of long flights. I found Perth to be more continent to fly to. I need to travel between Singapore and Australia weekly (sometimes twice weekly), so shorter flights, make my life a lot easier. Working with a Perth app means my flights are 3 hours shorter than Adelaide, 4.5 to 5.5 hours shorter than Sydney and Melbourne, and 6 hours shorter than flights to Brisbane."

"I initially moved back to Perth to launch my startup because my family lives there. I could stay rent free and save money initially. Once I managed to secure funding to hire an app development company, I decided to stay in Perth. Cost of living was a big factor in that decision. There is a perception that since Perth came from a mining boom, it is an expensive city. The truth is that Perth is the most affordable big city in Australia. Housing is also much cheaper in Perth, and houses are typically newer, so that's great as well! Rent is much lower. Definitely something to consider if you want to rent office space or need to stretch a budget."

"I grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and moved to Sydney for better job opportunities. In that time, Perth really transformed into a great hub for technology and innovation. This is a big pull for app developers and business owners with the growth of networking groups, coworking spaces and local incubators. Besides that, the roads are great. Much nicer commuting around here than in congested Sydney!"

Mobile App Development In Perth

Whether you run a large enterprise or just have an idea to create an online platform you need to consider a few things before you develop an app. What features will your app have? What is your budget? Is there a timeframe? Where are your users and how can you best reach them? What do you want to achieve from this project?

Those factors all determine what our app development team will advise on before starting the project. Technology has progressed in a positive way, giving us access to many useful tools to build out these projects. Android and iOS have their own development tools that allow us to build apps that natively work on those platforms. But nowadays, developing an app for every platform is overkill for most cases as Google and Facebook have developed tools that allow us to develop one app that works on multiple platforms. This not only saves you time and money, but also makes the project easier to manage and grow. These tools are used by most of the big named apps you have on your phone today! There are still a few cases where building natively is important, so we cannot completely ignore it.

iPhone App Development In Perth

iPhone has always been the most popular smartphone in Perth and Australia. It's also had a more premium feel than Android devices. Because of those two reasons, many companies often developed apps for iPhone first, and possibly never developed for Android. It's a smart marketing strategy to launch on a more premium OS and then move to the other a bit later. Nowadays just working with iPhone app developers is not enough. As of today, iOS holds 53% of the OS market share in Australia. Sure it is the dominant platform, but not by far, with Android nearby with 46%. By ignoring Android, you would miss out on almost half of the population. More so Android devices are now both premium and affordable, with the top devices out shining iPhones, so neither OS can be ignored.

iPhone app development is done using XCode with the Swift or Objective C programming languages. Swift is more modern and commonly used, and we use Swift for any new iPhone projects. For cross platform apps we use Flutter or React Native. We recommend building cross platform in most cases unless the application is heavily dependant on hardware access.

Android App Development In Perth

The underdog of the operating systems, owned by Google has climbed in recent years. In developed countries like Australia and the United States, iOS has always been the dominant OS, but that has evened out now with manufactures releasing really great Android devices. Owning just under half of the OS market share in Australia, Developing your app for Android is a must.

Android app development is done using Android Studio with the languages Kotlin or Java. Kotlin is more modern and we use it with most of our projects. Same as iOS, we recommend developing cross platform apps in most cases unless your app is very hardware dependant.

App Development Process In Perth

Having a well defined, efficient and functional process is what elevates an app development company to a successful one. At Potado, we know the importance of planning and transparency, so we have developed a process that makes sure that by the end you will have a well polished app, ready to be featured on the app store. This is how we do it:


The first part of the project is the most essential. Here we work with you to scope out the project, discuss which technologies will be best for the app, and even go into planning monetization and marketing of your app in case we need to add any of those features into the app.


After our planning we will now work with you to put those ideas on paper. Just roughly. Wireframes are meant to gain an understanding of layouts, views, scope, and features. Collaboration is important here and our app development team will make sure you are on the same page as us.


Design is where we make the app look pretty. We use the plans and wireframes to draw up the actual designs, views and layouts. We also come up with color schemes that are a good fit for the app. Having a great user experience is one of the most important aspects in our apps.

App Development

This is the most important part of the project. Our expert app developers will now put all the designs and plans together and create a fully functional app. The length of this process depends on the scope, but we will work as hard as we can to make sure we get done in a solid timeframe so you can start onboarding users.


Once the app is done, and we have had time to do sufficient testing and polish, we need to get ready for launch. We will work with you to prepare the app store listings, send the apps for review with Google, Apple and Huawei, and then we are good to go.

Work With The Best Perth App Developers

Working with a strong app development company is essential in building a successful app. Team Potado has work with several startups and large businesses in Perth and we are ready to hear more about how we can work with you. Here is what our clients say about us:

"Potado is a one of the top app developers in Perth. We have worked with another team before but decided to give them a go. We were pleasantly surprised by how open and transparent the entire process was. We were very involved in the process and everything was explained to us in a non technical way. Being over the age of 60, I won't be too specific about that, technology is not in my vocabulary, but our business knows the importance of it so we partner with people who do, and Potado definitely does."

"The price was right, the communication was good, and the results were excellent! The best app development company in Perth, and I will definitely continue to work with them in the future."

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