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App Development Company in Melbourne

Potado is a mobile app development company that build award-winning apps in Melbourne. We are a global team made up for designers, developers and product managers who work with startups as well as established brands in Melbourne. Technology advances so quickly, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of it all, so we make sure to always stay ahead of the curve, using the latest technologies for mobile and web as well as emerging tech such as machine learning and IoT.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we develop the app exactly as they had imagined it. We do this by setting up an excellent feedback system and transparent workflow. Then iterate, iterate, and iterate some more until we are ready to launch. Our team has a strong technical understanding but communicate with our clients in a non-technical, easy to understand way.

Why Develop An App In Melbourne

As we know apps run on code and app developers run on coffee. Melbourne has a world famous coffee culture that attracts some of Australia's best startups. Having a great quality of life and access to talent it's no wonder companies like Airwallex and CultureAmp are based here. Several International companies have also chosen Melbourne as there Asia Pacific headquarters.

"Melbourne is a great place to grow a tech company. There is a great fintech community and strong network. There is also no shortage of coworking spaces."

"We had to decide between Sydney and Melbourne. Ultimately we chose Melbourne because we found the city a lot easier to navigate than Sydney. Transport is fantastic and convenient. Sydney much less so. We concluded that Sydney has great landmarks so as a tourist, Sydney would be great, but as a place to live, Melbourne wins hands down."

"Melbourne is creative. Graffiti all over, cafes, hip markets and a thriving live music scene. Creativity is important for innovation, that's why we chose to develop our app in Melbourne."

"As an app company, we spend a lot of time indoors behind our screens. We value health and work life balance. We chose Melbourne because of the great environment, nature, parks, clean air, and outdoor lifestyle."

Develop an App for Android, iOS and iPhone or Web?

When looking for an app developer in Melbourne, one of the first things you will need to decide on, is which platform you should build for. We have to build separate apps for web, the Google Play Store(Android), and the App Store (iPhone). Building 3 apps costs money, and as an app startup you have other costs to consider such as marketing and business growth. That's why we do our best to recommend the best solution for you and your team. We now have app development tools that allow us to build cross-platform and hybrid apps. These are apps built once that run on multiple platforms. It's a great choice for building your app in a time and cost effective manner. It also makes the project easier to manage and scale as changes and updates only have to be done on one app instead of multiple. There are however some cases where building an app natively for Android and iPhone is necessary, especially if the app is based around the devices hardware functionality.

iPhone App Development In Melbourne

If you you want to publish your app on the Apple App Store, our iPhone app Developers will work with you to develop a native iOS app. iPhone apps are developed using the language Swift on XCode. These applications are best suited for hardware intensive apps. iPhone apps are usually the preferred choice for those who only want to launch on one platform first as iOS has always been the dominant platform in Australia.

Android App Development In Melbourne

To publish an app on the Google Play Store, our Android app developers will use a tool called Android studio and with the languages Kotlin or Java. This is for native Android applications. Android often takes second place to iOS when startups decide to develop and app for one platform only. As of 2021, iPhones take up 53% of the Australian mobile OS share with Android at 45% so developing for Android is equally important if you want to reach all your potential users.

Cross Platform App Development In Melbourne

If you want to reach both platforms with one app that is now possible with tools such as Flutter and React Native. For most modern applications this is the best solution. By developing one app that works on multiple platforms you can save both time and money. This isn't only beneficial during development but also as you scale your company. As you grow you need to make changes and updates, and dealing with multiple projects makes it difficult to maintain. There is no performance loss by using these tools and they are maintained by Facebook (React) and Google (Flutter) and used by most modern apps on your phone.

App Development Process In Melbourne

When working with a mobile app development team, having a clear and transparent process paves the way for a successful partnership. At Potado we do just that. We start by working with you to plan out the project, from blueprints and design to developing and launching your app. Here is a brief rundown of how we work.


Planning is the most important part of the project. It's where our app developers share all our industry expert advice and work with you to discuss features, monetisation, and technologies.


Once we have an idea of what the app will do we need to plan the screens we need. We will draw up some wireframes to plan the interfaces and our developers will start designing our database structure.


Our design team will then start the user interface designs. These designs are the actual look and feel of the app. We will work with you to find a design that you and your users will love by iterating until you are happy.


Then the main part of the project will commence. Our app developers will now start building the app using the designs and plans. You will be as involved in this part of the process as you want and we will allow you to test the app as it is being developed so you can share continual feedback.


When the app is complete and we have run tests to ensure there are no bugs we can launch the app on the respective app stores. We will assist with setting up the listings. There is a review process done by Apple and Google, so we just need to go through that and then the app will be live.

Melbourne App Developers

If you are looking for world class app developers you have come to the right place. This is what some of our clients have to say:

"Our Melbourne office needed a team of app developers to help us transition to a more digital office. We needed to improve our internal tooling to increase productivity and we chose to work with Potado to do this. It was a great pleasure working with them as they were very transparent throughout the process. I found the team very casual and friendly during meetings but also very hard working and met deadlines with no issues. If you need a development team, Potado can help."

"Our team had previously worked with another company in India, but after having a bad experience we reached out to Potado. Having spend a large amount and nothing to show for it, we were ready to throw in the towel. The team at Potado was very open to find ways to work with our budget. They suggested we build a hybrid app that works on all platforms and comes at a lower cost. They us pay on milestone based terms to help us feel more comfortable after our loss. This was amazing. If you are based in Melbourne and need to develop an app, this is the team you should work with. I send anyone who needs a developer straight to them."

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