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Mobile App Development Company In Hobart

Potado is a global app development company that focuses on creating apps for iPhone, Android, web, and even smart devices. We work with the most popular companies and startups in Hobart. Our team consists of marketing experts, graphic designers, product builders, and app developers and engineers.

We don't just build apps. We develop partnerships by working with our clients to create technology that's useful for both small businesses and large enterprises. This is why we only work with clients we believe in. If you think an agency should just code without input, we're not the place for you. When we work with our clients, we allow them to be as involved as they want so we can create great products together.

Why Develop An App In Hobart

2016 was a big year for Hobart. With the launch of Tasmania's innovation startup hubs came a huge influx of entrepreneurship. This attracted talent from all around Australia and also encouraged local innovation. With easy access to investment, talent and a strong community, it's no doubt things have grown so much. Compared to Sydney or Melbourne, no one would have thought that Hobart would become a world-class startub hub, but they were wrong. The closest built up city to Hobart is Melbourne, and it's just a 1 hour flight away. Hobart is great for people who prefer less built up cities with more natural beauty and weather similar to the south of New Zealand. More than just natural beauty, Hobart is creative and has a awesome arts and culture scene that also encourages entrepreneurship. We asked some company founders why they are based in Hobart, and this is what they had to say:

"We decided to bootstrap out startup and just had funds from friends and family to get the ball rolling. We developed our app in Hobart because of the low accommodation costs. Hobart has the cheapest real estate costs out of all the Aussie capitals, and by keeping our rent down we could stretch our money for longer."

"Vacations in the Tassie became a regular thing for me. Living in Melbourne, it was a nice quick trip to get out of the big city. What I discovered is that Hobart has a really unique and interesting artistic scene. That plus the unbelieve nature made it a place I returned to more and more. Life is good here, I just didn't think I could do what I was doing in Melbourne business wise. Turns out that the community here is great and you will find just as many UX design specialists and app developers as there are in Melbourne. So it's a great place to enjoy life and also develop cool products."

"Hobart makes it easy for foreigners to live in Australia. I wanted to immigrate here and found that if you study in Hobart and do well you can get permanent residency in Australia. 5 years later and I'm still here, just now I am a permanent resident of Australia and run a data analytics company in Hobart and we have clients all around Australia. I travel to Sydney and Melbourne often for work, but I always come home to Tassie!"

Mobile App Development In Hobart

In this day and age, companies have to consider which platforms they’ll be targeting. A few of them are Android, iPhone, and the web. Each platform requires a different app to be developed. So in order to get your product off the ground, you’ll need a developer for Android, an iPhone developer, and a web developer. It is always a good idea to make sure your business has the most up-to-date apps. Sometimes, however, it may seem like you need to create 3 apps for each mobile platform. Fortunately, engineers have created tools that allow you to create 1 app that will work on multiple platforms. Facebook manages React and React Native, Google manages Flutter, and the Ionic team also does a great job of simplifying our lives.

iPhone App Development In Hobart

In the span of just a few years, Apple has gone from being a small company to one of the most valuable in the world. This is largely due to the success of the iPhone. iOS devices are always more expensive than Android phones, but they have always been popular among Australians and other developed countries. So when an app developer wants to make an app in Hobart, they usually begin with an iPhone app. To reach all your customers, you'll need an app that fits all platforms. And, according to market share in Australia, Android is the closest contender at 46%. iOS is still the dominant OS at 53%, though. So, if you want your product to reach all your users, you will need an app that works on both platforms.

When it comes to developing apps for iPhone, our developers have a wide variety of skills. Whether you need an app for camera-related needs or just want to make a simple game, we've got the right person in mind. Our developers can build your app in either iOS's native XCode and Swift or with React Native, Flutter, or other cross-platform technology.

Android App Development In Hobart

Android, the underdog in Australia? Maybe not anymore. Android now has Google's sleek devices with advanced functionality. It's not a question of which is best anymore, it's all about preference. Android is more customizable and nicely synced with Google, which makes sense considering that Google owns Android. Hiring an Android app developer for your startup in Hobart is a smart move considering how many potential users are out there.

We can use Android Studio with Kotlin or Java to develop native apps for Android. For cross-platform apps, we work with Flutter, React Native, or other web technologies.

App Development Process In Hobart

Apps can be complicated. This is why it's important to have a good process in place. A solid plan and good communication are essential for any project. We know the technical details, we know design, we know how people use apps, and most importantly we know how to talk about these things in a clear and non-technical way. This is why we're the perfect partner for your app!


Planning is essential. The discovery and planning stage is when we figure out the structure of your project. Which technologies will you use? What are your goals? Who are your competitors? These questions are essential to have a solid blueprint in place.


Wireframes are the first step in the process of developing an app. These sketches usually illustrate the screen-by-screen experience for the user and allow for features to be planned. A wireframe will not incorporate the colors or design elements that the app will have, and the focus is on functionality instead of appearance. This is a great time to work together with you and make sure we're on the same page about the vision.

UX/UI Design

Drawing beautiful interfaces is one of our passions. We make sure to use the latest design trends and are always up-to-date on the newest tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch. With these tools, our design team starts to add some color to our wireframes.

App Development

Great, we're almost finished building your app! After the design and wireframing, we will start developing. Using languages such as Swift, Kotlin, JavaScrip, or Dart, our app development team will program your app. This is the last step in the process and you are welcome to stay involved and test throughout the process.


Testing is important. Without it, your app can have errors that lead to bad experiences for users. If you don't test thoroughly, you will release an app with errors and people won't be happy. So, it's imperative to fully test all functionality to ensure quality before releasing the app into production.


In order to get your app up and running, we need to submit it to review at the App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery. Once the review process is finished, and the app approved, we can upload it and watch it run!

Work With Leading Hobart App Developers

We're the best team of app developers in Hobart. We don't just work with anyone. We only work with people we respect and believe in. This is what a few of our clients had to say:

"I contacted a few app development companies in Hobart, but right from the get go I was sold on working with the team at Potado. They didn't just try and jot down scope and send a quote, they tried to understand our business and offer suggestions. They actually told me not to develop and app and to build a mobile website first as an MVP. I appreciated the honesty and willingness to help. I ended up building the MVP with them and will use the other funds for marketing expenses. Once we grow, I will work with them to develop apps we can publish on the app store."

"We wanted a team that knows the app market. Not just in Hobart, but the whole Australian continent. Potado has roots all around Australia so they were the team for us. We knew what we wanted but the team offered many suggestions. They have experience from all the products they have built so we listened, and it was great. Very satisfied with the results!"

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