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Potado is a digital company. We develop high quality, well-rounded apps for iPhone, Android, and web platforms. Our global app developers create turnkey projects that are polished and designed to your specifications. We make sure your app is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. We offer our services to businesses and brands in The Gold Coast.

As professionals in The Gold Coast app development industry, we know what defines a successful app. We've been around the block and seen everything. From early-stage startups to larger companies, we've been there from the start and get all the insider insights. Now, we share all that knowledge with our clients.

Being knowledgeable about the latest technology is one of the most difficult and important things in modern society. Technology moves too quickly for many of us to keep up, but our team is here for you. We take the time to be informed on trends in development and we educate ourselves on new technologies. Whether that's staying up with the latest development tools or development methodologies.

Why Develop An App In the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is known as a holiday destination to Australians. You come here to surf, relax and enjoy some sun. Theme parks, beaches and nightlife was always the main attraction, but there has been a bit of growth over the past few years. The Gold Coast is no longer just reserved for relaxing, now you can enjoy art and music festivals, explore trendy cafes and restaurants, and visit farms for organic food and wine. It has truly become a great place to live. With the growth of that came a surge in innovation and some of the largest Australian companies were born here and grown internationally. Some big names you might have heard such as Activikey, Farm2Market, and Gifting Owl launched their apps in The Gold Coast. So we know why the this is the place to be, but we decided to ask a few startup founders and investors why they are based here, and this is what they had to say:

"When I'm not coding, I need to be at the beach and The Gold Coast was made for water sports! Whether you go to the popular Main beach or a more local spot like Echo Beach, you will find that they all have blue water and soft golden sand, and even if you aren't a surfer you will enjoy some down time lazing around here for sure. Fishing, water-skiing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, jet-skiing, boating, and surfing are just a few of the tasks that keep us busy here when we are not working on our app development project. Marine life is also fantastic and you can see dolphins, whales, stingrays, dugongs and all kinds of fish."

"The Gold Coast is one of the most affordable places to live in Australia. I move here from Sydney because with the same amount I could live right by the beach and work remotely with our app developers. Cafes are great and just a walk away. Overall I enjoy the more relaxed environment and it really does increase my mood and productivity. People here also also very friendly. Whether you just walk outside to pickup some mail or buy something from the store, someone is always up for a chat. In the big city, everyone is always on the move."

"I'm sure you've seen all the cranes around, so you can see the Gold Coast is developing quite rapidly with big businesses growing especially in tech. It's a great time to be here if you want to ride the wave. Both on the beaches and also economically. I Believe the Gold Coast will become the biggest startup hotspot in Australia in the next few years. Thanks to the influential universities here, there is no shortage of skilled workers and future entrepreneurs working to help develop the growing business community."

Mobile App Development In the Gold Coast

The decision of which platform to build your app on can be a complicated one. You need to think about how much time and money you have, and where your customers are. To build apps for multiple platforms you have to build an app for each. Building multiple apps takes more time, which means more money. The less time you spend on building your app, the less it will cost. Your app's function might make it necessary to create a native app. For example, if your app focuses on hardware such as cameras, then it will naturally be a native app. However, for most apps - like social media, dating, or e-commerce - there is a solutions called a cross-platform or hybrid app. These tools let us build an app once and have it work across all platforms. We can build these with tools such as Flutter, Reach Native, Ionic and more.

iPhone App Development In the Gold Coast

The iPhone is the most popular phone in Australia. That's why our Gold Coast iPhone app developers are always designing well-crafted iOS apps. The popularity of the iPhone means it has a high preference when it comes to mobile platforms. Choosing iPhone development first also gives your brand a great image that's high-end, so it's a smart marketing move. According to the latest statistics, iOS dominates the Australian smartphone OS market at 53% with Android trailing at 46%. Creating for both platforms is key if you want to reach more people.

We can create an iPhone app for you using XCode with either Swift or Objective C as the programming language. We usually use Swift, but if we need to work on a project built with Objective C, we will use that instead. Visual Studio is used when developing iOS apps with React Native or Flutter for cross-platform compatibility.

Android App Development In the Gold Coast

When Android first entered the Australian OS market, it was the more affordable or technical option. Over time, the operating system has caught up to its competitor, iOS, and now holds a 45% market share there. This is because of the variety of Android devices that are being offered by many device manufacturers. Android is no longer the lower option, but just as good a choice. The top Android devices are starting to make Apple nervous. Building for Android is a must for brands targeting the Australian market.

We use Android Studio to create our Android apps. We can code them in Java or Kotlin. If we're building a cross-platform app, we use Visual Studio and code in either Flutter or React Native.

App Development Process In the Gold Coast

Important processes for mobile app development include transparency and clear time frames. These help with planning a launch and marketing strategy. It also helps to have a clear understanding of where you are in the process and what is about to happen. We at Potado want our clients to be involved as much as possible so we make sure we're really clear about what's going on. Here is a brief overview of our process:


The most important part of any project is the scope. It's where a company will lay down the foundation for their product and discuss what they want it to do, how it will be achieved, and offer suggestions for a user experience. It'll also address technologies that will be used and monetisation strategies.


With the specifications in hand, we can now start drawing up wireframes that are rough sketches of the app/database. As we work closely with our clients, we offer suggestions and accept feedback to create a plan.


You know what they say, "The devil is in the details." It's important not to overlook the details when designing a user interface. In this case, we'll design and iterate until we have a user interface that satisfies our client.


The time has come for our developers to take the blueprints and turn them into a functional app. We allow clients to follow and use the app as we develop it.


Once we have completed the development we will use the app with our clients and make sure we test all functionality and that there are no bugs. We want your users to have a great first experience with your app and having a well polished product shows them that you are serious about your brand.


We will then help you prepare the website and respective app store listings, and send the app off for review. This includes creating the graphics required on the listing pages. We can also assist with any domain or email configurations you might need help with before launch.


Once your app is live and you are busy growing your business, marketing and establishing partnerships we work with you to maintain the apps and fix any issues that may arise in the future. Once you grow your user base, improving and building out additional features will definitely be on your list, and we are here to help.

Work With Leading Gold Coast App Developers

We are Potado, your app development partner. We hope that you're looking for a team to work with to create the best app in the industry. With us, you'll get personalized and affordable services, as well as a team that will be with you from the start to the finish of the project. This is what some of our clients had to say:

"We worked with an app development company to build us an MVP at a good rate. We found them on Fiverr and actually they did a decent job, the app worked well, but it just seemed a bit old. The design was out of date. With a bit of funding in our back pocket, we reached out to Potado to see if they could rebuild it for us with a fresher look and their UX specialists did a great job. The apps UI elements were build with the OS in mind. We were very happy and proud to launch out new design to our users!"

"We initially built an Android app for our business and we needed to get an iPhone app out. The team suggested that we build it using React Native so we could have an app for both platforms but only have to worry about one project for future updates and features to save us time and costs. We decided to go with that and we also worked with them to build a web app for our users to use out product on the web if they don't want to install it on their phone."

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