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Mobile App Development Company In Canberra

Potado is a leading mobile app development company in Canberra. We excel in designing award-winning apps for startups as well as established brands. Because technology changes so quickly, it's hard to keep up with every new development, which is why we always stay ahead of the curve by using the latest in technology.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we create apps that align perfectly with their vision. We do this by making our feedback system and workflow transparent, including them in the process from start to finish, and iterate as much as possible. Our team has a strong understanding of the technical side but communicates with our clients in an easy-to-understand way.

Why Develop An App In Canberra

Canberra is generally seen as a boring, uninspiring town. But under the surface lies a bustling, vibrant community of entrepreneurs that sticks out from the rest. Canberra is a great place to launch a business. With the Australian government as a potential first customer, it's hard to fail. Not all businesses that start in Canberra stay in Canberra. However, they still leave a footprint. Some do it by opening an office in Canberra, some do it by introducing a new way of doing things, and some do it by creating whole new categories of products or skills. We asked some founders why they think Canberra is a good place to run a startup and this is what they had to say:

"Here you have access to a sophisticated local market. Customers here have a higher than average education and mean income. Because of that they are open to new ideas and innovations and have the money to give it a go. So if you can provide value you will win. If you develop and app in Canberra that gets the government as a customer, it gives you a badge of approval like no other. With that you can take your company to the moon!"

"Canberra is the largest source of procurement in Australia and houses many world-renowned institutions, such as the national cultural and collecting institutions, the headquarters for Defence, and over 77 high commissions and embassies. Many business have leveraged this ecosystem to build apps for them that were then able to expand to more national and international government bodies."

"Canberra is a small Australian jurisdiction, but it provides entrepreneurs with a lot of services. The ACT Government offers low-cost and easy-to-access programs, services, and grants. Even entrepreneurs from other states are surprised by the ACT Government's efforts to provide for them. Few state governments have as much support as the ACT does."

Mobile App Development In Canberra

When you decide to build an app, you need to think about the platform your app will be on. Once you decide the platform you want to build for, you have to create separate apps for web, the Google Play Store (Android), and the App Store (iPhone). This can be expensive, but there are ways to avoid the costs; for example, using a platform that lets you make one app that works on multiple platforms. Today, we have app development tools that enable us to build cross-platform and hybrid apps. These are apps built once that run on multiple platforms. It's a great choice for building your app quickly and efficiently. You also get the advantage of simplified management and scalability with changes or updates made only to one app instead of multiple.

iPhone App Development In Canberra

We have iPhone app Developers who specialize in creating iOS apps for iPhones. These individuals work with clients to develop iPhone native apps made with Swift programming language and the XCode program. These types of programs are best suited for hardware intensive apps. iPhone apps are the preferred choice of many who want to launch on one platform first as iOS is still the dominant operating system in Australia. However, Android is close behind, so it cannot be ignored.

Android App Development In Canberra

To make an Android app, our developers will use a specific tool, Android Studio, for programming languages Kotlin or Java. It's for native Android apps. In addition to this, Android often is second to iOS when it comes to startups developing apps on one platform only. Apple, the maker of iPhone, has a 53% share of the Australian mobile operating system market. As of 2021, Android is next with 45%. It's important to plan your development for both platforms so that you can reach your full potential user base.

App Development Process In Canberra

You have a mobile app idea, but you're not sure who to work with. You want to make sure you pick the right team that's aligned with your goals for the project. We can help you. At Potado, we work with a clear and transparent process to help you plan out your project from blueprints and design to developing and launching your app. Here's how we do it:


The first part of the project is the most essential. For this, we work with you to scope out what will be in the app, and even go into planning monetization and marketing strategies for your app.


When you're finished planning, we'll work closely with you to put those ideas on paper. It's important to keep in mind that wireframes are meant to gain an understanding of layouts, views, scope, and features. Working collaboratively is also key in this step, which our app development specialists will make sure is happening.


User interface design is about making a good first impression. We use the wireframes and plans to make sure the app is still functional when it's beautiful. Designers also use color schemes to help the app stand out and provide a positive experience for users. Usability is one of the most important aspects in our apps.

App Development

You have the designs and plans, but they now need to be transformed into a fully functional app. The time it will take depends on the scope, but we will work as hard as we can to get it done quickly so you can start onboarding users.


Once the app is ready and we have had sufficient time to polish it, we are ready to launch! We will work with you for things such as the app store listings, sending the app to Google, Apple and Huawei, and then we can release the app.

Work With Leading Canberra App Developers

Want to develop an app for Android, iOS, or web? Well our team of experts will work with you to develop a high-quality digital solution. We have worldwide designers, developers, UX specialists and product managers to provide innovative designs and functionality. This is what a few of our clients had to say:

"I was looking for a company that could build out my idea. I have a rough idea of what I wanted, but had no idea how to get started. I was open about my lack of technical knowledge to the team at Potado and they were able to work with me and keep in in the loop. They took me through the process step by step by breaking the whole development process down into a few simple steps. From putting my thoughts on paper so that I could review to putting the working product on my mobile device, I was very happy with it."

"We run a restaurant chain and have several branches in Canberra and throughout Australia. We use software for managing our stocks, staff and payments but wanted a more custom option. We didn't want to work with 3rd party companies so we came to Potado to build it for us. They ended up building a really cool system that is so simple and easy to understand. I can use the app to get an overview of all our internals any time without having to log into bloated software on my desktop."

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