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Mobile App Development Company In Australia

Potado is an award-wining mobile app development company in Australia that develops apps for iPhone, Android, web, and emerging platforms such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT. Our global team of app developers, designers, UX specialists, product managers and marketing strategists work with the best Australian companies to build digital products. With years of experience behind us, we know the tech, we know the market and we know users, so by working with us you will have more than just an app developer, you will have a partner who ensures that your app scales with your business. That way you can focus on what you know best, while we take care of the rest.

We don't just work with anyone, we hand pick out clients and projects and only build projects for brands we believe in. We keep up to date with the latest design trends in UX and UI, the latest tech such as React, Flutter, Vue and more, and study user behaviour so we can truly understand what makes them come back to the app. By working with us you get a fully polished app build on years of experience.

Why Develop An App In Australia

Australia has grown to become one of the best startup locations in the world with great programs, incubators, access to investment and environment. Some unicorns that have grown out of Australia are Canva and Airwallex and other notable companies such as Athena, Volt Bank, Airtasker, Go1, and Employment Hero have there roots here. The largest startup locations are Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, but let's not underestimate the rest. Australia not only has a great work business environment but the quality of life is fantastic. The place is gorgeous, you don't need to go far to discover great nature. Australia's big cities constantly rank in the top 10 places to live.

In Australia founders get a fair chance, if you put in the work, there is a good chance you will be successful. Australia also has one of the highest average disposable income per household. What does that mean? That means that people earn money, money that they can and do spend. When a lot of people are spending money, a great business environment is formed. People have money to spend and they are willing to spend if it allows them to live well.

Asia, the continent with the largest population in the world, sit's directly above Australia. Being in the same time-zone opens up a lot of opportunities to develop an app for multiple markets. That means your might start a company in Australia, but expanding internationally is by expanding to these fast growing economies is a smart option.

Political and economical stability are important factors when choosing a country and luckily Australia has that. People can depend on the law and the business system is transparent and fair which supports entrepreneurs. Along with that, Australia also has one of the most educated populations in the world, which means that hiring talented people is a simple matter and hiring app developers in Australia has never been easier.

Mobile App Development In Australia

Before developing an app, you will need to decide which platforms you want to build for. iOS, Android or web are the main options we need to consider. Each platform requires a different app, so you will need 1 app for iPhone, 1 for Android and another for web. 3 apps means 3 times the resources and 3 times the cost. That is not something startup founders or large companies like to hear. We call this native app development. Because of this companies had to decide if they wanted to go all in or launch one platform at a time. The good news is that now we have new technology thanks to our smart friends at Google and Facebook. React Native or Flutter are cross-platform development tools that allow us to develop apps that work on multiple platforms, so that's 1 app 2+ platforms!

iPhone App Development In Australia

A few years back if you wanted to launch an app you would hire some iPhone app developers and launch it on the app store. Android was only necessary at a later stage or not at all for smaller companies as most Australians had iPhones. Android was seen as a lower end OS and was not too popular in countries like Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. These days Android and it's respective devices have grown a lot and now it's more a matter of preference. Do you prefer iOS or do you prefer Android. Today about 54% of the OS market in Australia belongs to iOS with Android trailing behind at 44%. So while iPhone is still the most used device in Australia, Android cannot be ignored, so developing an app that supports both operating systems is essential if you want to reach more users.

To develop native iOS applications, our iPhone app developers use a tool called XCode and the Swift or Objective C language. For cross-platform applications we use Visual Studio Code with JavaScript or Dart. JavaScript for React Native or web technologies such as React and Dart for Flutter.

Android App Development In Australia

Android currently holds about 44% of the OS market share in Australia. Less than iOS, but not by far, so Android cannot be ignored. Android devices are picked by people who love tech, customization or even the seamless Google integration. If you want to reach your users, you need to develop an Android application.

To develop native Android applications, our Android app developers use a tool called Android studio and the Kotlin or Java programming languages. For cross-platform applications we use Javascript or Dart with React Native or Flutter. We also love progressive web app technology.

App Development Process In Australia

A successful app development company knows that having an efficient process is essential to developing a polished app. With a well planned process, the development time will be cut down, mistakes and misunderstandings avoided, and communication will be fantastic. We take time to make sure our process works like a well oiled machine and we involve you as much as you would like. During the way our app developers will be able to explain very technical topics in a simple easy to understand way. This a rundown of our process:

Discovery and Planning

Before starting any project, we will start the discovery phase. During this phase we will work with you to explain everything you need to know about how to develop an app, technical options for he development of your project, the functionality of the app, and monetization strategies.

Wireframing and Structuring

After the initial planning our team will then draw up some wireframes. Wireframes are simple outlined sketches used to sketch and plan layouts and app functionality. We will work with you to make sure we fully understand your vision. Our app developers will also start planning the database structure based on the data the app will collect from users.

UI/UX Design

With the wireframes our UX specialists will make the app colorful. We use tools such as Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch to draw up elegant user interface designs using the latest design principles. The app will not only look great but the usability will be second to none.

App Development

This is where we do our magic. Our app development team will now use the planning, wireframes and designs to code a well engineered application. Our developers speak JavaScript, Swift, Kotlin, Python, SQL, Dart and build well polished apps that scale with millions of users. This process is the longest part of a project and we involve you as much as you want to be. If you want to test the app from week 1, no problem, if you just want the finished product delivered to you, no problem at all.


Quality assurance is a very important aspect of any product. Once development is complete we will work with you to test all features of the app as if we were users. We will use the app as if we were users and test all possible cases before we launch to ensure there are no issues.


After testing we are ready to go live. We will help you set up your app store listings on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Gallery, upload your apps, and after a short review we will be live.

Work With Leading App Developers In Australia

If you're looking to start building your app, feel free to reach out and our team of product specialists, UX designers and app developers will be more than happy to help your company develop an app that succeeds in Australia and globally. We've worked with 1000's of happy clients and this is what some of them had to say:

"We were looking for a company that could develop our website into a mobile app. We already had an established user base in Australia and wanted to make a product for them. During our initial chat, Potado introduced us to "progressive web app" technology. It's basically an installable app as a website. They converted out website to a PWA in 10 days before they started developing the mobile app and out conversions increased by 120%. We will continue to work with them and recommend anyone we know."

"We already had our apps developed by another agency and they were live on both the Android and Apple app stores. We don't have an in-house developer and have been working with Australian app development companies but the costs and timeframes have been too high. Potado suggested that we switch our app from native to React Native, this way we only had to maintain and upgrade one app instead of two. They helped us with the transition and we will be working with them for updates as long as we need."

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